Two component polysulfide(polysulphide) sealant for insulating glass

Two component polysulfide(polysulphide) sealant for insulating glass
  • Product Description

Polysulfide/Polysulphide Sealant For Insulating Glass is a two-part polysulfide formulation for air filled insulating glass. Part A is the base and Part B is the curing agent. Part A is smooth and white. Part B is black. After mixing these two parts, the material will cure to high elasticity, weather-resistant and water-proof sealant. 

  • Component

Two component polysulfide sealant

  • Main Features

1. Good Adhesion to cement, steel, glass, wood, natural stone etc. 

2. Water resistance: Stable function to ocean water, tap water and distilled water. Small weight changes for ocean water(salt).

3. Good resistance for acid and alkali. 

4. Excellent heat aging performance. Suitable to use for a long time under -40℃~120℃ environment. 

5. Good radiation resistance. 

  • Application Range

Two Component Polysulfide/Polysulphide Sealant is used as a secondary sealant for dual-seal double glazing units and common construction usage. 

When using as the secondary sealant for insulating glass, it normally  work with first sealing hot melt butyl sealant.

  • Colors

Component A is white. Component B is black. After mixing A and B, the product will be black.

  • Typical Properties

Please consult sales service staff for the testing report.

  • Handling Precautions

Before applying Double Glazing Silicone Sealant, please read Safety Data Sheet for safe use, physical and health hazard information. The Safety Data Sheet is available by contacting your sales service staff.

  • Packing Information

Two Component Polysulfide Sealant For insulating glass is packed as following:

Part A (base): 190 Liter smooth white paste in 200 Liter drums.

Part B (curing agent): 19 Liter black paste in 20 Liter pails.