Two Component Structural Silicone Sealant For Insulating Glass

Two Component Structural Silicone Sealant For Insulating Glass
  • Product Characteristics

  • Two components, neutral curing, high elasticity, high modulus and high quality.

  • Great cohesiveness for glass and metal and no pollution and corrosion for coated glass.Normally primary coated is not required.   

  • Good compatibility with other neutral silicone sealant. But compatibility test should be applied before usage. 

  • Component

Two component structural silicone sealant

  • Application Range

  • Structural bonding and sealing of glass, aluminum curtain wall, glass lighting roof and metal structure engineering.

  • Colors

Component A is white. Component B is black. After mixing A and B, the product will be black.

  • Typical Properties

Please consult sales service staff for the testing report.

  • Handling Precautions

  • We suggest to mix component A and component B evenly before usage. User can also adjust the curing speed according to actual needs, normally 10:1 (volume ratio between 8:1 to 12:1).

  • Before usage, bond materials compatibility test should be applied. After the test is finished and qualified, the product can be used.

  • The product is not suitable to work under high temperature environment(base materials surface temperature > 40℃).

  • During construction, the surface of contact material must be clean and dry.

  • Construction Attention

  • Not suitable for materials that can exude grease, plasticized or solvent, such as oiled wood surface.

  • Not suitable for frost or wet surface.

  • Not suitable for places of continuous soaking or wet year-round.

  • Not suitable for construction when material surface temperature is below 4 ℃ or exceed 40 ℃.

  • Component B can react with the moisture in the air. So please don’t expose component B in the air for a long time and sealed storage is required.

  • Packing Information

Two Component Silicone Sealant For insulating glass is packed as following:

Part A (base): 190 Liter smooth white paste in 200 Liter drums.

Part B (curing agent): 19 Liter black paste in 20 Liter pails.