Two Component Tile Grout Sealant For Ceramic Tile Gap Filling

tile grout
  • Product Description

Two component beauty tile grout is an upgraded product of normal tile grouting agent. The decorative practicality of the beauty tile grout is obviously superior to the normal color tile grout. It solved the problem of unsightly and dirty black tiles.

The traditional tile grout agent is applied to the surface of the caulking agent. This new tile grout does not require a caulking agent as the bottom layer. It can be directly added to the gap of the tile after the tile is bonded. It is suitable for gap filling of 1.5mm or more, the construction is more convenient than ordinary type.

  • Information Figure

PRODUCT NAME Epoxy Resin Ceramic Floor Tile Gap Grout Filler
SHORT NAME Tile Grout , Tile Grout Filler, Ceramic Tile Grout
TYPE Two components (A + B)
RAW MATERIAL Epoxy resin + Color
APPLICATION Tile grout is used for gap filling of ceramic, glass brick, quartz brick, clay brick etc.
VOLUME 400ML (200ML+200ML)
SHELF LIFE 12 Months
COLOR AVAILABLE Silver, Gold, White, Black, Blue, Brown, Shining colors etc. Pls check color sheet for all colors.
FEATURES Waterproof. Environmental-friendly. Anti-mildew. Anti-mould. Weatherproof.
USAGE PLACES Kitchen, bathroom, balcony etc. Wall and floor.
PACKING INFORMATION 20 Pieces/Carton box. 

This tile grout filler is a two component grout filler used for tile gap filling. In one tube of tile grout it is pigment (Color). In another tube of tile grout is Epoxy Resin (curing agent). 

See below sketch picture: 

tile grout filler sealant

What’s the different between single component tile grout and two component tile grout?

Tile grout

  • Main Features

1. This ceramic tile grout is healthy to use: No free formaldehyde, no benzene, no methylbenzene, no dichloromethane and other harmful substances.

Test report by China National Quality Supervision and Testing center.

liquid nails, free nail glue, nail free glue testing report

2.Waterproof and mildew proof. Zero mould proof level.

3.Oil resistance. Easy to clean. If oil spill on the tile grout filler, it’s very easy to wipe off the oil by tissue.

4.No collapse and no shrinkage of the tile grout even after long time use.

5.High and low temperature resistance. No changes for tile grout color and not being soft even under extreme weather.

6.Our tile grout is using imported raw material. No flow when apply to the wall. Suitable for both wall and floor.

tile grout sealer feature

New developed nanometer material in Tile Grout

Nanometer degree gas phase silicon dioxide is added into the tile grout. It makes the molecular structure of tile grout more tight and creates a tough protective film. That’s why our tile grout filler has long term waterproof and mould proof performance. 

tile grout sealant filler


Creating a waterproof cover on the sealant based on the lotus leaf principle. 

tile grout sealer pic

Great weatherproof ability. Available to use for underfloor heating.

epoxy ceramic tile grout sealer gap filler feature


Bright color & Environmental friendly. 

tile grout color

  • Color Pictures

Below are some color assortment pictures of the tile grout filler based on different color and different tile material.

Available colors of tile grout filler: Silver, Gold, White, Black, Blue, Brown, Shining colors etc.

More colors pls see the color plate or contact our service staff.

blue tile grout picture white tile grout picture

silver tile grout shining gold tile groutTile grout color plate

  • Working Steps

tile grout sealer working steps
tile grout sealer working steps