Insulating glass is a new type of building material with characteristics of good sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-frosting, moisture proof, high wind pressure resistance, beautiful appearance and decreasing the building weight. It is using two pieces (or three pieces) of glass. And high strength and high viscosity composite adhesive is used to bond the glass to the aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant. It has a great performance of sound insulation and heat insulation. The hollow glass curtain wall is light and beautiful, no pollutions and energy-saving. It greatly improves the living environment. The performance of insulating glass is superior to ordinary double-layer glass, so it has been approved by many customers and becomes more and more polular in construction area. As a result, the corresponding demand for two-component (double components) silicone sealant of insulating glass is also increasing.

The two-component (double components) silicone sealant is mainly condensed. It has main characteristics of high strength, high adhesion, excellent weathering resistance, good resistance to high and low temperature, ozone resistance, UV resistance, water resistance, fast curing, and no pollution.

Due to the different ability of the worders and incomprehension of two-component silicone sealant for insulating glass, many problems will be occurred during the gluing process. Many customers will then conclude it is the quality problem of the two components silicone sealant. This will lead to bad communication and can’t really solve the problem. In order to promote better communication and cooperation with agents and customers, here we summarize the common problems and correct operation methods.

Today we are going to talk about the first problem in the process of using insulating glass silicone sealant.

  • Problem:
    The curing is too fast or too slow after combining component A and component B and affect the construction process.
  • Reason:
    (1) When combining the two components, the worker handle the ratio by experience instead of accurate measurement. Therefore the ratio of component A and B is fluctuated greatly. If the usage of component B is too much, the curing will be fast. And if the usage of B is less, then the curing will be slow.
    (2) The curing speed of the two component insulating glass silicone sealant is greatly affected by the working temperature. The curing is fast when the temperature is high. So the proportion of the two components should be adjusted within a certain range based on the temperature.
  • Correct operating methods:
    (1) No matter gluing by manual or automatic machines, a small test is recommanded to do before normal usage: Adjusting the ratio of components according to the curing speed to confirm the pot life and curing time. At the same time checking whether the sealant is mixed evenly and the appearance is smooth or not. After checking, the sealant can be used for construction.
    (2) Normally the mixing volume proportion of A and B is A:B=10:1. The curing agent component B can be added based on the change of construction temperature. But the volume can’t exceed 15% of the rated value and can’t be lower than 6% of the rated value. That means, the ratio can be adjust within the range A:B=100:8 – 100:12 and confirmed based on the construction need and environment.
    (3) With the change of temperature and humidity, the pot life(normally 20 – 40 minutes) and the curing time(normally fully cured by 4-8 hours, 48 hours to reach the best performance) of the mixed silicone sealant will also change. When the temperature and humidity increase, the pot life and curing time of the sealant should be shortened. When the temperature and humidity decrease, the pot life and curing time of the sealant should be prolonged.


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