Background Introduction

Insulated glass (IG, or Double Glass) is a new type of building material with good sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-frosting, moisture proof, high wind pressure resistance, beautiful appearance and low weight of building. It uses two pieces (or three pieces) of glass with high-strength composite sealant bonded. The insulated glass curtain wall is light, beautiful in appearance and saving energy. With the usage of insulated glass, room becomes warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which greatly improves the living environment. As insulated glass has superior performance compared to ordinary double-layer glass, it has been widely used by all countries in the world. Thus the demand for the insulated glass sealant is also increasing.

Whats the function of insulated glass sealant?

The sealing and structural stability of the insulating glass system is achieved by the insulated glass sealant, and its main function can be summarized as two aspects:

  1. Sealing:

Insulated glass sealant prevents the external water vapor from entering into the insulated glass air layer – mainly by the primary sealant hot melt butyl sealant. Then the outside secondary sealant applied as an auxiliary sealing function.

  1. Structural function:

That is, the structural integrity of the insulated glass can be maintained even under situations of high temperature, low temperature changes, high humidity or ultraviolet irradiation.

In common situation, there are two reasons for the failure of insulated glass: sealing failure and glass breakage, in which sealing failure accounts for almost 90%. And sealing failure is mainly due to the inappropriate selection of insulated glass sealant. Therefore the correct selection and use of sealant is fairly important for improving the energy-saving effect of insulated glass and prolonging the service life of insulated glass.

What kinds of insulated glass sealant will be used?

Currently most of the sealing process in the insulated glass production use secondary sealing technology.

The first seal is the inner seal, the hot melt butyl sealant which has the lowest water vapor permeability is mainly used. Using the hot melt butyl extrude machine to apply butyl sealant to both sides of the spacer frame to block the moisture and dry the gas cavity. At the same time, it plays the role of presetting the glass shape.

The second seal is the outer channel seal, mainly use silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant or polyurethane sealant where the first two types(silicone and polysulfide sealant) are commonly used in the world.

The detailed sealing diagram is shown as below:

insulated glass sealant diagram

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