Silicone sealant has applied in Construction industry since the early 1990s in China. Due to the great overall performance, silicone sealant has become the most widely used sealant in glass curtain system. Besides some famous oversea brands such as Dow Corning, Henkel, GE etc, there are more than 300 silicone sealant manufacturers in China. And the silicone sealant products quality between these Chinese manufacturers are in huge differences. The differences are especially shown in the physical performance including hardness, snap time, tensile strength etc. Now we will talk about how to choose suitable and responsible silicone sealant manufacturers in China. There are three suggestions as below:

  1. Check product quality. Asking the marketing staff for testing report of the silicone sealant products. Sometimes some silicone sealant manufacturers in China will quote a low price with a low quality products. So the physical performance data report is very important to check. Besides the testing report, sample is recommended to check before bulk purchase. Now many companies including us are providing free sample service. Asking for free samples to do the necessary test will be helpful for checking product quality. This can help to reduce the risk in bulk purchase.
  1. Check company information. There are many small private silicone sealant manufacturers in China. The problems of these manufacturers are quality issue, delivery time issue and even high trading risk issue. Therefore before purchasing, company information such as real pictures, certificates are needed to confirm.
  1. Check service quality. Silicone sealant is normally used for sealing in construction. If there is any problems during or after sealing, it will cause huge problem for customers. Thus problem solving is fairly important to the trade. Some silicone sealant manufacturers may even disappear when hearing the problems or negative feedback. So we suggest to choose a reliable service by checking testimonials or checking the responsibility and personality of service staff. A responsible service staff will commonly represent a reliable company management.

Above are three main suggestions for choosing suitable silicone sealant manufacturers in China. More tips are differed against different situations. China is a large country with opportunity and risk. To choose a soul partner is hard and let’s try to make it easier.

We know it may be hard for you to choose. Then we provide you a choice for reference.

Located in middle part of China, one of the most reliable silicone sealant manufacturers in China, Wuhan Yixiy (Sunvol) provides below products:

  1. Two parts double glazing silicone sealant
  2. Two parts structural silicone sealant for double glazing
  3. Hot melt butyl sealant for insulating glass (Polyisobutylene)
  4. Silicone sealant sausage as required