The application of silicone sealant in building energy saving window and curtain wall mainly includes three aspects: the second sealing of hollow glass, the weather-proof sealing of curtain structure and the weather-proof and water-proof sealing of window. The quality of silicone sealant not only affects the security of the curtain wall structure and window, but also relates to the environmental protection level of the building.


The hollow glass unit has outstanding thermal insulation performance. It is the important material for improving the energy saving level of window. It has been widely used in architecture in recent years. The dry gas inside the hollow glass has the function of sound insulation, thermal insulation, anti-condensation, decreasing cooling radiation and improving glass security.


Hollow glass normally needs two seals. The first seal is to ensure the low permeability of water vapor, normally hot melt sealant(butyl sealant) will be used. The second seal is to ensure the integrity of the glass unit structure, normally silicone sealant is used. If the sealant is used for structural assembly hollow glass, silicone structure sealant must be used.